Seasons in Clarens

Posted on Sat April 8, 2017.

The small town of Clarens in the eastern part of the Free State province has become a great tourism attraction known for its art, history, mountains and mild climate, which sometimes can switch things up where locals are known to experience a-four seasons-in-one day scenario.

Visitors can explore nature and the Red Mountains via hiking trails that start right outside the gate of Mont Rouge guesthouse. Stunning views awaits the adventurer.

The Autumn season in March seems to be a colorful time for the town of Clarens with food stalls, flea
markets, concerts and shows, which celebrate the rich culture and heritage of Clarens such as the towns Lifestyle Cook Off, Country Market, Surrender Hill marathon. The Clarens Craft Beer Festival, an event dubbed as the best in South Africa, are held at the end of summer.

There’s a chilly bite in the air as it gets bitterly cold in the mid-winter therefore its advised to pack accordingly with temperatures that can dip to as low as 10 degrees below zero and generally during June and July Clarens experience light snow falls, and the only annual quilt festival in the Free State.

But what seems to be the majority rule is that the autumn and spring seasons are a good time of year to visit. As the tree filled town of Clarens offers a wonderful display of colourful blossoms in spring time, while the abundance of cosmos is a sign that the town is nearing the end of summer and in the autumn shades of the season’s colours oranges, red and rustic brown of the Lombardy poplars is an attraction. More so for what the town is known for, it’s artists, photographers and nature lovers.