Summer is officially here!

Posted on Sun December 4, 2022.

This is the opportunity to explore Clarens in all its glorious splendour, one of the most popular holiday towns in South Africa.

An easy three to four hours' drive from Johannesburg, Clarens has become the long weekend mecca of those after an arty, sleepy hollow with just enough entertainment not to be dull.

There is no shortage of accommodation in Clarens in the form of guest houses, self-catering establishments, lodges and B&Bs in the area, and nature-loving activities in particular are what attract those who enjoy the great outdoors. Everything at Mont Rouge guesthouse is different from the moment you arrived! There is so many surprises around every corner. In addition to our accommodation we offer a farm dam, converted into a swimming pool and a gym, called The Bar. We invite you to come and relax at our property.